Have you been feeling under the weather lately? Do you know where to turn when you get non-life-threatening cuts that need stitches? For health issues like these, it can be a big help to visit your local urgent care. And, when you need urgent care near Grand Rapids, MI, trust Trinity Health Urgent Care to meet your needs. We offer a range of services to help patients treat a variety of medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses. Learn more about the excellent health services you can find at Trinity Health Urgent Care near Grand Rapids, MI.

Symptoms and Conditions We Treat

We offer treatments for patients suffering from several different symptoms and conditions. However, for serious and life-threatening conditions, a local urgent care is not the best choice. When you need medical assistance for these issues, it’s best to find services from your nearest ER or call emergency services. But, our dedicated staff can diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses and injuries. Some of these include:

  • Cold and Flu—Dealing with cold or flu on your own can be a miserable experience. But, as your local urgent care near Grand Rapids, MI, Trinity Health Urgent Care can provide diagnosis and treatment services to help you feel better faster. 
  • Sinus and Allergy Problems—The coughing, sneezing, and general malaise associated with seasonal allergies can prevent you from enjoying the things you love. But our trained staff can diagnose your condition to determine if the issue is related to a sinus infection or allergies. And they can deliver effective treatments, such as antibiotics or steroid shots, to reduce those symptoms and help you recover.
  • Ear Issues—If you’ve ever experienced a problem affecting your ear, you know just how uncomfortable and downright painful it can be. Our team is trained to determine the cause of these issues, from infection to earwax impaction and fluid behind the eardrum. From there, they can recommend treatments that can address those issues.
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea—Stomach viruses and food poisoning can be debilitating. And, if they aren’t treated quickly, your condition can get worse. If you’re experiencing severe diarrhea or vomiting, check in to Trinity Health Urgent Care. Our experienced medical professionals can evaluate your condition and provide the necessary medications and IV fluids to help you recover.
  • Sprains and Other Injuries—Our on-site digital x-ray services can help with the diagnosis and treatment of simple orthopedic issues, such as sprains and simple fractures. And, we can also schedule a follow-up appointment with an orthopedic specialist if needed.
  • Sore Throat—A sore throat can be irritating and in some cases extremely painful. Our team can evaluate your condition to determine the cause of your throat pain, whether it’s mono, post nasal drainage, or something else. From there, we can prescribe medications to help you with the pain and find the underlying cause.

Find an Urgent Care Near Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re experiencing any of these health conditions or symptoms, you can find relief with Trinity Health Urgent Care. We’re always happy to help you with medical services that are fast and affordable.