The benefits of engaging in physical activity and building healthy habits at a young age can last a lifetime. Athletes learn essential life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and commitment. However, to play sports with others, athletes must complete physical examinations to ensure they’re ready. Trinity Health Urgent Care provides sports physicals in Norton Shores and Michigan locations that can help athletes meet the requirements necessary to play. Learn more about the sports physical examination process to prepare for the coming season. And find out how these services can safeguard athletes’ health. 

1. They Take an Athlete’s Health History Into Account

When it comes to school sports, it’s natural for a student to be excited about competing. However, there may be potential health issues that could put them at risk. Part of the sports physicals process involves examining an individual’s health history to look for any issues or conditions that could make playing unsafe. The athlete will need to answer questions that may indicate whether potential risks may exist. For example:

  • Has a doctor ever denied or restricted your participation in sports for any reason?
  • Have you ever passed out or nearly passed out during or after exercise?
  • Have you ever received a blow to the head that caused confusion, prolonged headache, or memory problems?
  • Have you ever spent the night in the hospital or have you ever had surgery?
  • Have you had any problems with your eyes or vision or any eye injuries?

Accurately answering these questions is a key part of the sports physical examination process. Answering yes to these questions will not necessarily disqualify you. However, they can help the examiner get a precise picture of the athlete’s health history to determine whether they are fit to play.

2. They Can Uncover Health Issues That May Need Attention

Individuals seeking sports physicals in Norton Shores naturally want to be cleared to play. And often this process is simple and straightforward. However, if the examination finds potential health issues, it can help an athlete understand these concerns better. Then, the athlete can take the appropriate action to get assessed and seek treatment if necessary. Many health issues can get worse over time if they remain undetected. Discovering these issues sooner can help athletes and parents take a proactive approach toward care.

3. They Can Help Athletes Stay Healthy

Another great benefit of sports physicals is that they can provide athletes with guidance for maintaining their health. For example, a medical professional may suggest certain stretches that can provide additional protection against certain injuries. They may also recommend specific lifestyle changes that can improve recovery speeds after strenuous activity. 

Get Fast and Convenient Sports Physicals in Norton Shores

Trinity Health Urgent Care offers sports physicals in Norton Shores and other locations across Michigan that help athletes meet their requirements. Simply check-in at the location nearest you and let us know that you would like to schedule a sports physical examination. Get ready to play with sports physicals from Trinity Health Urgent Care.