Many schools and extracurricular sports teams require sports physicals to participate. These health evaluations make sure that each teammate can safely join in the sport and avoid accidents or injury. But if your team does not require sports physicals, why should you still visit Trinity Health Urgent Care for an evaluation in Muskegon? Here are three reasons to visit our healthcare experts for your physical.

1. Sports Physicals in Muskegon Help Identify Health Concerns

In 2020, an average of 24.2% of Americans engaged in sports and exercise each day. For children and adults alike, participating in team sports is an exciting way to get physical activity and much-needed social interaction. Making sure your health is in the best condition possible is especially important as a team player!

Even if you stay on top of your health and nutrition, there may be some health issues that fly under the radar. Medical conditions like high blood pressure and anemia or even conditions that require medical treatment can keep you from the sports you love. During a sports physical from our urgent care in Muskegon, we’ll go over your medical history and perform tests to assess your current physical condition. With our evaluation, we’ll check for life-threatening conditions or any issues that may require treatment before you can safely get out on the field. Trust our professional guidance to make sure you are in top condition so you can be a strong member of your team.

2. To Make Sure You Can Safely Participate in Sports

Starting your season off strong is likely the reason you’re seeking a sports physical in the first place. However, health issues can keep you from putting your all into your sport. Asthma, heart conditions, muscle weakness, and other health concerns could not only affect your performance, but they may also make certain sports too strenuous to participate in. With a comprehensive physical from a healthcare professional, you can assess your current condition and concerns to learn if anything stands between you and your sport of choice. At Trinity Health Urgent Care, you can easily take care of your sports physicals in Muskegon.

3. To Learn How to Improve Your Physical Condition

Sports physicals from Trinity Health Urgent Care in Muskegon don’t just ensure you’re fit for your sport. They also help you assess your current fitness level! Your examination can help identify physical vulnerabilities that may affect your chosen sport. With your present capabilities in mind, you can know what standards to set for yourself so that you can excel in your sport. This can also help establish which sports may put too much strain on your body at your current ability level. Use the information you learn during your evaluation to help prevent injuries and improve your overall health.

Find Sports Physicals at Trinity Health in Muskegon!

When you’re ready for sports physicals in Muskegon, choose from one of two convenient urgent care locations. Visit us in North Muskegon or Sherman. Our experts can help make sure you are ready to get in the game. Or, we can help you recover from a sports injury so you don’t lose valuable time with your team! Come on by your closest Trinity Health Urgent Care or check-in online to mark your place in line. This way, we can get you in and out even faster and so you can get back in the game.