A walk-in urgent care clinic is a fantastic resource for non-emergency medical care. While your condition may be urgent, these are cases that don’t require the aid of an emergency room or hospital staff. For urgent but non-life-threatening conditions like fever, stomach upset, infections, and more, visit Trinity Health Urgent Care in Muskegon! But how can you be certain your condition can be serviced by a walk-in clinic? Here are six of the most common reasons to visit your closest urgent care center.

1. COVID Testing

The COVID-19 virus and its variants are still circulating. Protect yourself and those around you from illness with rapid tests from your local urgent care! If your test is positive, our specialists can help you find the fastest and most effective methods of treatment for the virus. With rapid tests from our urgent care, you can begin the necessary recovery treatments sooner and learn the right methods for preventing further spreading in your home and community.

2. Sprains or Strains

Strains and sprains are injuries to the ligaments surrounding your joints. This can happen in your wrists, ankles, elbows, and more. This is often caused by blunt force trauma, overuse, or repetition, as often seen with golf or tennis injuries. Sprains and strains may cause swelling, pain and inflammation at the point of injury, and even instability of weight-bearing joints. Visit your closest urgent care location for a professional evaluation and to learn the best course of treatment!

3. Cuts and Burns

Accidents happen—and they can result in injuries requiring medical care. Cuts and burns can occur during cooking, work, or play. And, they may call for stitches or medicine to ward off infection or irritation. If you have suffered a first- or second-degree burn, an urgent care can help to alleviate the pain and treat the injury. But if you suffer a third-degree burn, contact emergency services immediately. For cuts, your urgent care specialist can administer stitches or proper wound bandaging. If your cut is severe and accompanied by excessive bleeding, you should visit an emergency room as soon as possible.

4. Rashes or Skin Abnormalities

Any observable and uncommon changes to your skin can call for an urgent care visit. You may notice that your skin has become dryer and scaley. Or, it may be sensitive and inflamed. Skin rashes or infections can also be noted by fluid-filled blisters or boils. These skin abnormalities may indicate an underlying virus or infection, such as measles, dermatitis, or a staph infection. Visit a professional at our urgent care in Muskegon to pinpoint the type and cause of your rash. Then, we can help you find the best treatment for quick relief.

5. Infection

Infection can be a major cause of health concerns. An infection develops when harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi enter the body. This may be caused by consuming contaminated food, having direct or indirect contact with a contaminated person or item, or even through a bug bite. From a gastrointestinal infection from food poisoning to an upper respiratory infection, these issues can become much more severe the longer treatment is delayed. Visit your healthcare professionals at Trinity Health Urgent Care for fast service! We’ll observe your condition and determine the best method of treatment, such as prescribing antibiotics for viral infections.

6. Flu Shots

The annual flu shot is your first line of defense against influenza. By getting the yearly vaccine, your body can begin developing antibodies to fight the current strain of flu. This vaccine can help you to avoid catching the flu or make your symptoms less severe should you get sick. And it can be especially helpful in guarding against flu viruses the earlier in the season you get it, with October typically being the optimal time to get vaccinated. Your urgent care in Muskegon is ready with flu shots and flu tests to help you stay safer! Let us equip you with preventative medicine or treat your active symptoms.

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